Craft Services

Surface Coating Removal

  • Valtex Construction Services offers abrasive blasting in wet and conventional dry methods. We own patent Farrow Vapor Blast Systems and Conventional Dry Blasting Systems.
  • Why Farrow Systems? Our Farrow Vapor Blast Systems reduce airborne particulates by over 90%, uses 75% less abrasive material than conventional dry blasting and 40% faster. Less containment, minimizing clean up and disposal cost. Reclaimed media process to reduce environmental impact, reduce waste and cost.

Conventional Dry Blasting

Specialty Coatings > Polyurea

  • Polyurea is a specialty coating developed by an elastomeric polymer with dual fastening capabilities. Bonding methods are mechanical and adhesion. Product capability ranges from food grade, potable water, roofing repair, secondary containment from chemicals, cathodic rate reduction, porosity elimination, internal and external coatings for pipe, valves and equipment. Polyurea is also used for high chemical resistance. Its monolithic properties create a long-lasting working life and high strength durability. Polyurea can be applied to substrates in many multiple settings as in all steels, wood, concrete, dirt, topcoat on existing applications, repairs, rehabilitation or improved durability.
  • Valtex Construction Services work with manufacturer engineers of Polyurea to provide physical properties ranges that can be designed to meet client compliance specifications.

Industrial / Commercial Coatings

  • Valtex Construction Services provides a range of coating applications to help maintain and protect the integrity of industrial piping/ equipment, tanks, metals and commercial building external/ internals.
  • Valtex Construction Services service sectors: tank liners, internal coating big bore pipe internal coating with robotics, and secondary containment hi-temp/ chemical resistant coatings. 

Industrial / Commercial Scaffolding

  • Valtex Construction Services provides scaffolding services for our client partners. Valtex Construction Services can also provide a true textured slip and chemical resistant scaffold/ ladders per client order request.
  • Scaffolds that true-slip and chemical resistant, hold a specialty textured Polyurea coating that is not removable by hand. This practice helps minimize the slip-on footing, passing, accessing and climbing. Valtex Construction Services believes on going above and beyond for the safety for all.

Industrial / Commercial Remodeling

  • Valtex Construction Services can provide facility building upgrading and repair. Valtex Construction Services existing Control Rooms, Guard Buildings, Facility Kitchens, Offices and meetings rooms.
  • Valtex Construction Services provides new install and repair walls, flooring electrical, plumbing and design.

Small Bore Pipe (SBP) and Structural Welding


  • Drill pier / Pier Cap Foundations
  • Slab on Grade Foundations
  • Rigid & Flexible Heavy Duty Pavements
  • Sidewalks & Roads
  • Carports
  • Subdivisions
  • Concrete & Steel Engineering Structures
  • Stormwater Drainage
  • Structural Foundations
  • Detail Excavation
  • Landscaping & Ground Remediation
  • Slab Replacements
  • Concrete & Asphalt Repair
  • Crack & Spall Repairs
  • Joint Re-sealing
  • Pavement Rejuvenation & Reconstruction
  • Sump Pits
  • Fire Water Underground Lines

Structual Steel Fabrication & Structual Welding

  • Valtex Construction Services provides structural fabrication and welding for new and repair applications. Valtex Construction Services can fabricate and weld onsite or at the Valtex Shop Facility.

PEMB > Pre- Engineered Metal Buildings / Class A Buildings

  • Valtex has over 25 years’ experience erecting metal buildings ranging from simple 30’ x 30’ personal buildings to 50,000 SF custom warehouses.  We take the extra step to carefully ask the right questions to get the client dream turned into their reality.  Valtex has become a certified builder with most of Houston metal building suppliers to ensure that we provide the best economy pricing to our clients as well as satisfaction.  
  • Valtex has over 20 years erecting class A structures and worked with many General contractors to erect buildings as U of H Cemo Hall, LeRoy & Lucile Melcher Hall, Rooms to Go, Averitt Express.  Valtex maintains vigilant personnel to exceed customer expectations to accomplish our clients goals in turn we produce a repeat of business throughout our years of history.  

Professional & Field Services

Valtex Constructions Services provides a Professional & Field Services Division that can support our client partners in the third-party sector:

Process Hazard Analyses

What if? / Check list - HazOp Studies - RCM Studies

Management or Performance Audits

OSHA PSM / EPA RMP / Pipeline OQ Compliance

Recordkeeping / Documentation

Engineering Design / Procedures Review

EPA RMP Program / PSM Procedures - Development / Validation

Health, Safety, Security and Environmental Professional Services

RC-14001 / ISO-14001 Services

Risk / Security Vulnerability Assesments - SVA

Piping and Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID) Walkdowns

Database Management System Development - PHA Leader Training

Construction Safety / HSSE Support