Custom Built House

Splendid Carpentry Work!

Valtex was granted a great opportunity to design build a custom 3,800 SF residential living quarters with 3 car garage. The foundation required 63 drill piers and then Valtex raised the foundation to sit on 24” beams above street elevation. Working with the homeowners were our priority through weekly reports and progress video updates. The owner preached on technology package so Valtex installed Philips Hue bridges with lights in areas, Samsung smart things, Nest/google products, smart appliances, and state of the art security system. Valtex fabricate custom cabinets, shelves, mantle, and pantry. The stucco was installed with a fine sandstone finish and Valtex solar tinted all windows accompanied by Solar panels that generates enough electricity to power the house. Project deadline was 8 months, in which we completed it in 6 months even with the wet winter conditions.